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Frozen Ready-to-Eat
Authentic Thai Frozen Dessert


Our special Thai dessert, Mango on Sticky Rice. It is so simple yet so stunning. Sweet sticky rice infused by a bath of coconut milk, then topped with a half of fresh mango and coconut milk cream.


Amazed by delightful Thai taste of the best selection of hand picked and sun ripened “Nam Dok Mai” mango. Perfectly ripe, sweet and succulent yellow flesh. No artificial flavours & colours added. Give this brilliant dessert a try!


For Durian lovers, we offer you Durian Sticky Rice. The most sophisticated Thai dessert, a myriad of tastes and texture from Durian and sweet glutinous rice with coconut milk cream.


Our premium dessert is made with “Monthong Durian” the most sought after durian in Thailand. Its yellow flesh tastes heavenly. Sweet glutinous rice infused by thick coconut milk cream and Monthong Durian pulp. You can’t get enough of this dessert. So amazing!

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Mango on Sticky Rice
Durian and Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk
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