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Snow Skin FRESH DURIAN Mooncake


The one and only Buono’s masterpiece. A truly impressive dessert for our valued customers. Only pure 100% durian pulp filled underneath silky Snow Skin wrapping.


Our Snow Skin Fresh Durian is a well-balanced mix of fragrant durian from mature durian and luxurious Snow Skin. The best aromatic, intense flavor and rich, creamy taste of Durian that can’t resist. Experience the passion of unique taste through our elegantly crafted dessert.


2 choices are offered


  • Siam Royale: Sharp sweet, intense flavor
  • Siam Gems: Milky, Fibery, Mild

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FRESH DURIAN Mooncake Siam Gems
FRESH DURIAN Mooncake Siam Royale
50g X 8pcs
55g X 8pcs
150g X 4pcs
55g X 8pcs
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