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Mochi Ice and More
Snow Skin Mooncake


Our seasonal ice dessert, Snow Skin Mooncake, enchanted Mid Autumn Festival. The extremely thin and smooth Snow Skin wrapped with the best selection of Gelato, Sorbet, and Non-Dairy ice cream. We have transformed mooncake from ordinary to extraordinary.


Our Snow Skin Mooncake is wide in variety of ice cream flavors. Excellent for ice cream lovers to delight their senses with bits of chocolate chip or chunky real fruit. It is as pretentious as it is delicious.


Delightful Handcrafted Selection of all-time favourite. Why not tuck into one of our Snow Skin Mooncake? 

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Flavor   ( General )
Red Bean Green Tea
Cookie 'N Coconut milk Cream
Strawberry Diced
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
50g X 8pcs
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